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Palm Springs - Historic Hotels of Old Palm Springs

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Just west of ritzy Palm Canyon Drive lies an enclave of history - a village within a village - Old Palm Springs. This enclave is where 1920s artists and celebrities built their villas and adobe homes in the desert. What drew them here varies from family to family. Some came for the dry climate or the beauty of the desert; others came for the prestige of a retreat rapidly becoming popular for Hollywood celebrities. Whatever the reason, many of the homes built by these original settlers are now charming bed & breakfast inns, hotels, and pensions.

Old Palm Springs is a refreshing change from the glitz and glamour surrounding it. Life is more relaxed and it's hard to imagine you're staying in a world class resort city with a $1.5 billion annual tourist trade. Don't rush through Old Palm Springs - enjoy a relaxed breakfast by the pool, take in the beauty of the mountains, study the stunning architecture, stroll through the neighborhood, and let your imagination take you to the Palm Springs of yesteryear.


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