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Welcome to the new Pilot Getaways!

We are changing how you access Pilot Getaways' legendary content. Now, get all twenty years (and growing) of stunning aerial photographs, convenient aviation and travel information—everything Pilot Getaways—right at your fingertips! All existing subscriptions are automatically pre-paid for our new all-digital Passport membership: your all-access pass to every single destination we’ve ever featured, and every tip, trick, or tale we’ve ever told. Ever.

To convert your Pilot Getaways magazine subscription to your new Passport membership, simply enter your current email, subscriber number, and address where indicated in the fields below to access our entire archive of back-issues, including those that have been sold out for years! Our full digital archive is nearly complete, and once it is, we will begin introducing new features and content available exclusively to Pilot Getaways Passport members.

If you have any questions or concerns about your subscription, the conversion process, or our new Passport membership, please email us at, and we’ll help you get everything sorted out.

We sincerely appreciate your business and thank you for your patience throughout our restructuring!