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November/December 2014

Just because winter is upon us doesn’t mean you have to lock your airplane away in the hangar. This issue brings you fun and interesting winter destinations from around the country. Visit a small Midwestern town where skyscrapers attest to its oil riches. In Utah, explore your artistic side as you enjoy nature, fantastic skiing, and fine cuisine. Camp out at a newly opened Arizona airstrip. Or celebrate Christmas Bavarian-style as you and your children explore a Northwestern Winter Wonderland. We also have Flying Tips on how to safely and easily enter a holding pattern, something that happens more often in winter when the weather caves in.

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Kellee-Set-Go![es] to Curacao

Since Pilot Getaways started publication in 1998, many subscribers have written to us about trips they have taken after reading about particular destinations featured in the magazine. Have you had a great vacation based on something you read in Pilot Getaways? We'd love to share your experiences with other readers. Send your stories (and photos if you have them) to eFlightPlan@pilotgetaways.com and we'll publish some of them in our monthly bulletin, eFlightPlan.

September/October 2014

Over much of the U.S., autumn can provide the best flying of the year. Along with falling temperatures and better engine performance come fewer thunderstorms, less wind, and less turbulence. So make the most of fall while it lasts! We’ve got some great destinations for fall flying. Each offers a completely different experience, so there’s something for everyone.

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July/August 2014

The dog days of summer are fast approaching. Are you feeling the heat and need a place to cool off? We have a quick cool side trip for your Oshkosh adventure as well as a cool Northeastern coastal escape. For backcountry lovers, this issue features Idaho’s most popular fly-in breakfast and lodge airstrip. Summer also means rodeo, and we’ll take you to a unique, authentic Western rodeo that comes with a full week of partying, gambling, and parades, all set in a small town filled with history and an absolutely dazzling Western store. Finally, we will show you how you can let your loved ones know you are okay when you are out flying, as well as let Search & Rescue know exactly where you are if you have to make an emergency landing. This information that could save your life!

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Nov/Dec 2014

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Planes, Trains, and Oil Wells in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Sundance Mountain Resort – Escape to Pristine Nature in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains.

Enjoy the Holidays in Wenatchee & Leavenworth, Washington.

Visit the Real Old West at the Double Circle Ranch, Arizona.

Flying Holding Patterns – Just Visualize It.

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