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Pilot Getaways Advertisers

Pilot Getaways is proud to showcase businesses that help make the magazine possible. When you contact these businesses, please tell them you saw their ad in Pilot Getaways!

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    - A -

    ACR Electronics, Inc.

    World leader in safety and survival technologies. Maker of 406 MHz Personal ELTs, with built-in GPS.

    Web Site:

    Phone: 954-981-3333

    Adventure Seaplanes

    Rental, ratings, and tours.

    Web Site:

    Phone: 763-783-2498 or 612-868-4243

    Aerocet Incorporated

    Floats for those who are not willing to sacrifice performance or quality.

    Web Site:

    Phone: 208-448-0400

    Aero Mark, Inc.

    Your convenient full-service FBO at Idaho Falls Airport (IDA) and the #1 Aviat Husky Dealer. We're on the way to just about anywhere.

    Web Site:

    Phone: 208-524-1202

    Aeromedia, Inc.

    Become a savvy GPS pilot through weekend seminars, ground and flight training. FAA Wings and Avemco Safety Rewards Program accepted.

    Web Site:

    Phone Toll-free: 800-315-0242

    Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems

    First with high duration oxygen systems, first with OxySaver Cannulas!

    Web Site:

    Phone Toll-free: 800-237-6902

    African Aero Safaris

    Relive the "Out of Africa" legend on an aerial wildlife safari with African Aero Safaris. Whether you pilot yourself in a light aircraft or join an exclusive group in a professionally piloted aircraft, you'll have the trip of a lifetime!

    Web Site:

    USA Phone: 805-963-3644

    S. Africa Phone: +27-11-462-4521

    Air Research Technology Inc.

    Wing-X STOL Conversions with G.T.O.W. increase for Cessna 180, 182, 185 and 206. STC approved.

    Web Site:

    Phone: 514-337-7588

    Phone Toll-free: 888-325-2588

    AIRbase One

    The largest aviation business information resource on the world wide web.

    Web Site:

    Phone Toll-free: 888-AIRBSE1 (888-247-2731)

    Airguide Publications

    Airguide Publications produces Flight Guide®, the nation's leading VFR Airport and Frequency Manual.

    Web Site:

    Phone Toll-free: 800-FLY-FLY1 (800-359-3591)

    Alpenglo B&B at Manzanita Hill

    Aviator's vacation rental; a pilot-owned home on a taxiway. Overnight lodging for pilots and airplanes on Pine Mountain Lake Airport (E45). Fly in and stay a while!

    Web Site:

    Phone Toll-free: 888-534-2244

    Phone: 209-962-4541

    Andover Flight Academy

    "The College of Taildragger Knowledge"

    Specializing in tailwheeel checkouts and an advanced tailwheel bush course. In Andover, NJ.

    Web Site:

    Phone Toll-free: 973-786-6554

    Aviat Aircraft, Inc.

    Fly Everywhere, Land Anywhere

    In what FAR 23 IFR-capable airplane can you take off in 200 feet, fly more than 800 miles with reserves, and then land in 350 feet? The Husky can do it while carrying 800 lbs. useful load. The Husky A-1B is the best airplane to satisfy your sense of adventure.

    Web Site:

    Phone: 307-885-3151

    Aviation Insurance Resources

    Don't even think of calling another aviation insurance agent until you've called us first! Up to $6 million liability, best rates, all markets, expanded coverages.

    Web Site:

    Phone Toll-free: 877-AIR-PROS

    Aviation Telephone Directory

    For over 50 years, ATD has made the business of aviation its only business. Find parts, suppliers, products, manufacturers, service companies, airports, and FBOs.

    Web Site:

    Phone: 619-234-5066

    Phone Toll-free: 800-605-6150


    The Internet's Aviation Magazine & News Service. Over 130,000 subscribers.

    Web Site:

    Phone: 702-655-1359

    - B -

    Baumann Floats LLC

    Makers of floats. Their new Baumann BF2550A amphibious floats can make your Cessna 172 into a go-anywhere, fun flying machine.

    Web Site:

    Phone: 715-246-9352

    B.A.S., Inc.

    Makers of non-restrictive, comfortable, and reliable shoulder harness/lap belt systems for Cessna aircraft (170 through 210F models), also retractable pull handles for taildraggers.

    Web Site:

    Phone: 360-832-6566

    Phone Toll-free: 888-255-6566

    Blue Goose Aviation

    America Air Tours – A Self-Flying, Guided Western Adventure!

    Enjoy scenic mountain flying with daily outdoor activities planned. Awesome vacation and lasting memories!

    Web Site:

    Phone Toll-free: 800-FLY-MTNS (800-359-6867)

    Bryce Property

    370-acre Utah ranch retreat available minutes from Bryce Canyon Airport.

    Web Site:

    Phone: 801-583-7158

    - C -


    Get performance and protection with Castrol Aviator engine oil, it's liquid engineering for aircraft.

    Cirrus Design Corporation

    Cirrus Design Corporation develops and manufacturers the award-winning SRV-G2™, SR20-G2™ and SR22-G2™ composite aircraft. The world-class aircraft offers revolutionary performance, state-of-the-art avionics, unsurpassed safety and maximum comfort for four. The world-class Cirrus is the most desired aircraft on the market today. Bragging rights included. Contact Cirrus and schedule a demonstration flight today.

    Web Site:

    Phone (Inquiry Administrator): 888-750-9927

    Coffee Creek Ranch

    Northern California's Only 3-Diamond Dude Ranch

    Three meals daily, private secluded cabins, heated swimming pool, health spa, horseback riding, youth programs (0-17 yrs), hiking, goldpanning, hayrides, fly-fishing, packtrips, hunting, and more! (Open Apr-Nov)

    Web Site:

    Phone Toll-free: 800-624-4480

    Phone: 530-266-3343


    Makers of new, certified, and ready to fly airplanes: the TOP CUB, the untimate airplane for any personal or backcountry adventure, and the SPORT CUB, the plane that inspired the light sport category, completely redesigned with new technology, safety and performance.

    Web Site:

    Phone: 509-248-9491

    - D -

    DeLoach Sales & Software

    Full-featured and affordable integrated aviation software for Windows, Palm OS, and Pocket PC. Programs include: FAA exam study, logbook, flight computer, holding/landing pattern computer.

    Web Site:

    Phone Toll-free: 888-335-6224

    DTC's DUAT on the Web

    Full online weather and flight planning services on the web. We're a free FAA-approved service.

    Web Site:

    Phone Toll-free: 800-243-3828

    - E -

    EADS Socata

    Makers of the Trinidad TB 20 GT and TB 21 GT Turbo aircraft. We build each TB-series aircraft (more than 2,000 now) for the utmost comfort on long-distance legs. A good thing, considering that range is more than 1,000 nm. The Trinidad's durability, easy maintainability, and factory support are central to long-term value retention. Consider a Trinidad, one investment you take for a ride, not the other way around.

    Web Site:

    Phone Toll-free: 877-2-FLY-A-TB (877-235-9282)

    Phone: 954-893-1400

    Electronics International Inc.

    FAA STC'd, PMA'd, TSO'd, Approved Digital Aircraft Engine Instruments. Your engine and your safety are worth investing in. Over 40 models available.

    Web Site:

    Phone: 541-318-6060

    Elite Simulation Solutions

    The premier instrument training and proficiency software for personal and professional use. Fly simple, complex, twin, or turbine aircraft, and become a better, safer, more confident pilot.

    Web Site:

    Phone: 407-277-7700

    Phone Toll-free: 800-557-7590

    Web Site:

    Phone Toll-free: 800-894-3905

    - F -

    Flyinn Tours, Ltd.

    Self-fly this beautiful natural wonderland. Experience the real New Zealand!

    Web Site:

    Phone: 64-3-445-2852

    FlyTies Company

    The ultimate tie down stake. These easy to assemble and strong tie downs come in their own rugged carrying case, and are only 6 lbs.! It's made of corrosion resistant stainless steel, so it is self cleaning, and you can use it in most unpaved surfaces.

    Web Site:

    Phone: 831-688-6951

    - G -

    The New GlaStar and Glasair

    In 1980 the kitplane industry was revolutionized by the introduction of the Glasair - the world's first pre-molded composite kitplane. We have remained on the leading edge of the exciting world of homebuilt aviation ever since! We are now one of the largest, most well established kitplane manufacturers in the world, with more than 2,500 kits in the field and some 1,200 aircraft flying in countries around the world. We're committed to innovation, performance, and customer service.

    Web Site:

    Phone: 360-435-8533 x232

    - H -

    Hanks Aero Adventures

    Experts in Self-Fly Safaris™ through Southern Africa. Trips with individual or multiple aircraft are offered.

    Web Site:

    Phone USA: 518-827-6583

    Phone South Africa: 2711-462-3892

    Hill's Resort

    Idaho's Crown Jewel at Priest Lake. The epitome of enjoying the wilderness with all the luxuries of home. Stay and play -- 18 hole golf course, biking, hiking, or just relaxation. Local runway pick up service.

    Web Site:

    Phone: 208-443-2551

    - I -

    - J -

    Jack Brown's Sea Plane Base

    We have trained more seaplane pilots than any other facility.

    Put the fun back into your flying. Come to our land of 1000 lakes and experience the pure joy of seaplane flying. Open year round. Counts as BFR.

    Web Site:

    Phone: 863-956-2243


    Making Every Mission Possible

    Jeppesen is recognized as the world's foremost provider of integrated aviation information solutions. Jeppesen's portfolio of products and services includes: flight information, flight operations services, international trip planning services, domestic and international fuel programs, aviation weather services and aviation training systems.

    - K -

    - L -

    - M -

    MacAfee & Edwards, Inc.

    The Mexican Insurance Specialist. Call us before your next trip south of the border for your required liability insurance. We quote immediately over the phone or by email, and can fax, mail, or email your policy the same day.

    Web Site:

    Phone Toll-free: 800-334-7950

    Maule Air, Inc.

    From the Utah desert to the Idaho back country, the Maule is the ultimate STOL aircraft.

    Web Site:

    Phone: 229-985-2045

    Micro AeroDynamics, Inc.

    Makers of Micro Vortex Generators for twins and singles. We develop and market the worlds best vortex generator technology. Micro VG Kits improve safety, utility, and performance of general aviation aircraft.

    Web Site:

    Phone Toll-free: 800-677-2370

    Phone: 360-293-8082

    Mountain High E&S Company

    Makers of high-quality, high-duration, light-weight, and easy-to-use portable Aviation Oxygen Systems. Our 1-4 person systems include your choice of seven different aluminum cylinder sizes with fully padded carrycase for backseat mounting.

    Web Site:

    Toll-free USA & Canada: 800-468-8185

    Phone: 541-923-4100

    - N -

    - O -

    Oregon Aero, Inc.

    Tired of headsets, helmets, and seats that hurt? We solve the problems of pain and noise! New ways of thinking to solve old problems.

    Web Site:

    Phone Toll-free: 800-888-6910

    Phone: 503-543-7399

    - P -

    Parkwest Air Tours

    The most experienced, trusted name in American self-fly vacations.

    Web Site:

    Toll-free: 866-897-7910

    - Q -

    - R -

    Red Willow Aviation

    With quick turn around and great fuel prices, find out why we're the best fuel stop in Nebraska! We're in McCook.

    Phone Toll-free: 800-658-4394

    Phone: 308-345-3635

    - S -

    Sky Ox Limited

    Portable Oxygen Systems.

    Web Site:

    Phone Toll-free: 800-253-0800

    Southwest Aviation Insurance Group

    Personal aircraft to corporate aircraft, maintenance facilities to airports, we've got you covered.

    Web Site:

    Phone Toll-free: 800-324-6787

    Web Site:

    Phone Toll-free: 877-WARM H2O (877-927-6426)

    - T -

    Tsuniah Lake Lodge

    The Flying Fisherman's Paradise in British Columbia.

    Web Site:

    Phone: 250-392-5612

    - U -

    - V -

    Van's Aircraft, Inc.

    The RV-9A carries 2 real people up to 6'4"+, holds up to 100 lbs. of baggage, cruises 185 mph on 8 gallons per hour, handles short grass or dirt strips with ease, and best of all, you can build it for the cost of a fancy pickup truck! What better way to get to your getaways?

    Web Site:

    Phone: 503-678-6545

    - W -

    Western Skyways, Inc.

    Engines are our only business. We're an FAA-approved repair station that specializes in Millennium Cylinders. We'll get you to TBO without all the hype.

    Web Site:

    Phone: 970-249-0232

    Phone Toll-free: 800-575-9929

    Women in Aviation International

    The fastest growing aviation organization for women and men. We motivate our members to reach for new personal and professional aviation goals and encourage women to consider aviation as a career or just for fun.

    Web Site:

    Phone: 386-226-7996

      - X -

      - Y -

      - Z -