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Behind the Scenes with Woody

Playing near the 185 in Shelter Cove, CA

Woody is John's yellow lab. He loves to travel in the Cessna 185 and makes friends wherever he goes. He has flown coast to coast several times, gone as high as 14,500 feet, and been to small Canadian grass strips as well as remote Mexican beaches.

While flying he wears a special doggie headset made from kneepads, foam, and velcro straps.

He usually falls asleep when the engine is turned on and wakes up during descent to land.

For the past four years, Woody has come along on almost all of Pilot Getaways' photo shoots. He has logged over 1600 hours and is quite the bush pilot!

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Playing near the 185 in Shelter Cove, CA
In Skykomish, WA with a Dakota Slotted Wing Cub
At the Hideout at Flitner Ranch in Greybull, WY
Next to a Bell 207 at the Hideout at Flitner Ranch, Greybull, WY
In the cockpit of a Global Express, Kremmling, CO
In front of a Global Express in Kremmling, CO
In Gull Lake, MN with a Husky on amphibs
Escaping the heat in the 185's shadow
Flying above Lake Powell, UT
Fuel stop for a Husky on amphibs, Brainerd, MN
On a grass strip in New Jersey next to a Husky with bush wheels
The bush wheels are larger than Woody
In front of a Grumman Mallard at Priest Lake, ID
Woody found something more interesting than the Mallard
Playing in Priest Lake, ID
In the backseat of the Cessna 185
Swimming in Grand County, CO
Fishing in Grand County, CO