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Palm Springs

Pilot Getaways Sample Article - Winter 1998

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California is a state well-known for its diversity and no city symbolizes California living better than Palm Springs. It is a place where movie stars come to play, where people come to see and be seen -- and more.


You can enjoy a drink by the pool and bask in the 80-degree climate, then be whisked up an aerial tramway to enjoy a panoramic view from a snow-capped mountainside. Nestled at the foot of 10,831-foot Mt. San Jacinto, and basking in 354 days of sunshine per year, Palm Springs provides excellent weather, breathtaking vistas, and numerous recreational opportunities.
   As a pilot, your first impression of Palm Springs may be one of opulence. You will probably need to taxi around a few Gulfstreams

and Falcon Jets to reach your tiedown. But Palm Springs offers something for everybody, from college students on Spring Break to movie stars and golf pros.
   Come to spend the weekend or just fly in for a gourmet meal, following in the footsteps of many celebrities. When Kurt Russell bought his new airplane, he wanted to fly Goldie Hawn to a classy destination. Where did he go? He flew to Palm Springs to dine at Melvyn's Restaurant.    

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Above: Mount San Jacinto provides a dramatic backdrop for the city of Palm Springs; The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway whisks visitors to 8,500 feet in minutes.

Left: Golfing on a championship course at Tahquitz Creek.

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