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Pilot Getaways Sample Article - Spring 1999

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At a fuel stop in dusty Santa Rosa, New Mexico, I'm asked which of the two runways we landed on.   "Well, towards the east, I think it was Runway 08."   "So, how do you like the old Route 66?"   "Route 66?"   "Yes, you just landed on it."


So began our adventure through Route 66 Country. From this fuel stop in northeastern New Mexico onwards to our destination of Gallup, we more or less followed the road that carved a path into the West, making its indelible mark on U.S. history along the way. Not much is left of the original road, but modern-day Interstate 40 follows its path quite closely, leading past Albuquerque, Grants, and on to Gallup.

My brother Andreas and I chose Gallup as a typical Route 66 town from which to explore Northwestern New Mexico's grandiose scenery, Indian tradition, and lingering evidence of the White Man's infatuation with railroads and automobiles.

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Above: Santa Rosa's Runway 08 is an old stretch of Route 66.

Left: Gerhard and Andreas Deffner with the author's Bonanza.

Author: Gerhard Deffner
Photos: Andreas Deffner

Feature Article: Gallup, New Mexico

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