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Mt. Rushmore Commemoration

It's always a thrill to fly over Mt. Rushmore. OK, you may not be able to do it in Air Force One, but we flew over it a few years ago in our Cessna 210 after reading about the area in Pilot Getaways. (

Camping in the Wet Mountain Valley

After seeing on the web site that the Silver West airport (C08) was open to on-airport camping, I couldn’t wait to try it. I had done a touch and go there a couple of weeks prior when flying from my home airport near Colorado Springs (Meadowlake, KFLY) to the San Luis Valley. I was struck by the setting of the airport and the magnificent views.

Seaplane Rating with Alaska Float Ratings

I found the end of my rainbow in Moose Pass, Alaska, a couple of weeks ago.

Alaska Float Planes

Monument Valley

Sometimes You Gotta Overcome Those Bêtes Noires and Go for It!

Sedona Adventure, March 2013

My flight student, Jake, had passed his Private Pilot check ride with flying colors, but now wanted more experience planning long cross country trips, using flight following and negotiating through Class B airspace—aviation opportunities we don't have in western Montana. Jake was also anxious to get his high performance endorsement and check out in Helena's Sleeping Giant Flying Club's Cessna 182.