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Sedona Adventure, March 2013

My flight student, Jake, had passed his Private Pilot check ride with flying colors, but now wanted more experience planning long cross country trips, using flight following and negotiating through Class B airspace—aviation opportunities we don't have in western Montana. Jake was also anxious to get his high performance endorsement and check out in Helena's Sleeping Giant Flying Club's Cessna 182.

Pilot Getaways - My Life-Changing Adventure

We’re kicking off our first “Reader Getaway” with a submission from our own Technical Editor, who has been with the magazine since 2006.

Pilot Getaways has undoubtedly enriched the lives of many of its readers, but I have a hunch that, aside from the magazine’s founders, John and George Kounis, nobody’s life has been changed by it more than mine. Long before my professional association with Pilot Getaways, the magazine introduced me to a whole new lifestyle, and something I read in it eventually led us to move from Southern California to Idaho.