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Winter 1999/2000

First Anniversary Issue!

Enjoy snow-covered mountains and the wonders of Winter with Pilot Getaways' First-Anniversary issue. We'll take you to the best ski resorts in the Tetons, the romantic Antique Capital of the Northwest, warm-weather escapes in Arizona and California, and even to a rustic ranch in Texas.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

In 1922, 14-year-old Lois Hormel Lyons described Jackson Hole's "unbelievable beauty" and "spectacular mountains" in her diary, now on file at the Jackson Hole Historical Society. Join her granddaughter, author Linda Rowe Fore, as she takes you on a contemporary tour that mixes the timeless wonder of the Wild West with a world-class ski resort. You may share Lois' belief and even use her words describing your stay as "the greatest trip of my life."

Grand Targhee, Wyoming

The Teton's best-kept secret lies in Wyoming on the range's less populated western slopes, yet its gateway is the airport in Driggs, Idaho. Enjoying great snow and ski conditions, Grand Targhee retains a small-town feel while offering many winter activities, fine dining, and few crowds.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Don't let Steamboat Springs' nautical name fool you. With 43 Olympic athletes, this Rocky Mountain town has justly earned its nickname as Ski Town USA. Join resident and author Christina Chapman as she describes unique flightseeing opportunities and the best ways to enjoy Steamboat's famous champagne powder.

Tucson, Arizona

Tucson often enjoys great VFR weather - 364 ½ days per year! Bask in Arizona's desert sun, play a game of golf, view the world's largest aircraft storage facility, and take in the city's many historic sights.

Castle Airport, California

Since the deactivation of Castle Air Force Base, civilians can land on its nearly 12,000-foot runway and visit the Castle Air Museum's comprehensive aircraft collection. With aircraft from World War II bombers to an SR-71, this museum is a must-see for the aviation enthusiast.

Cibolo Creek Ranch, Texas

Journey along with brothers Gerhard and Andreas Deffner as they fly to a luxurious guest ranch near the Texas-Mexico border. From gourmet meals to unspoiled desert scenery, Gerhard's words and Andreas' photos document the best of hospitality at this exclusive restored fort.

Big Bear, California

High in the San Bernardino Mountains overlooking the Los Angeles Basin, Big Bear offers fly-in visitors two ski areas within five miles of the airport. Find out why Southern California's unique geography lets us sunbathe at the beach in the morning and carve a few turns down the slopes for lunch.

San Diego, California

Just off the threshold of Runway 23 at San Diego's Montgomery Field, The 94th Aero Squadron is a replica of a World War I French farmhouse. Dine in view of a Fokker Triplane, a Sopwith Camel, and a Nieuport 17. The restaurant is perfect for the pilot and has its own tiedown area.

Snohomish, Washington

Looking for a place to cuddle and spend a quiet weekend? The Antique Capital of the Northwest gives you the opportunity to take quiet walks along the river, stay in Victorian B&B's, bicycle the Centennial Trail, and enjoy hospitality at Harvey Field - founded by one of Snohomish's original families.

Saline Valley, California

Land at the challenging Chicken Strip, one of the few remote bush strips left in California. If you can handle its slope and 1,400-foot length, natural hot springs in a desert oasis await. Wild burros, stunning mountains, and views of age-old lava flows complete this rugged desert experience.

Preparing for Wake Turbulence

You're cleared to land right after a 757 - heavy. If the sky and ground suddenly change places, would you know what to do? Author Don Wylie, who flew 251 combat missions before retiring from the Air Force, reveals new research that may surprise you. His experienced advice and new insight may change the way you fly.