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Fall 1999

Adventures for Autumn

Enjoy the cool mountain air and the beauty of a changing landscape this Fall with Pilot Getaways' fourth issue. We'll take you high in the mountains to Colorado and Montana, to the Washington and California coasts and to a remote corner of Texas. Dedicated to flight safety, this issue reminds us our flight training is never complete. Take the opportunity to hone your skills in some of America's most beautiful destinations.

Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park is a stunning example of sculpture created by glaciers that covered our continent, then receded 10,000 years ago. Today, rivers and waterfalls flow through 1.4 million acres of rugged mountains, dense forests and unspoiled wilderness. We'll tell you the best place to begin a tour of Glacier's alpine magnificence. We cover flying there, where to stay and how best to get around this vast area.

Big Bend, Texas

Lajitas? Tough to find, perhaps, but worth the journey. Once again, brothers Gerhard and Andreas Deffner take you along as they fly to the deep south of Texas. Andreas' camera lens captures the wild west scenery and Gerhard documents the trials and tribulations of traveling this untamed land. "Big Bend," as Gerhard says, "is exactly the kind of place you create your own adventure."

Santa Monica, California

Some of the densest air traffic in the world surrounds Santa Monica, but navigate your way through it and you can enjoy a variety of activities just minutes from your tiedown. Browse the Outdoor Antique and Collectible Market, eat your fill at your choice of restaurants, visit the Museum of Flying, and much more. We'll give you the details you need for a memorable Sunday in this hip Southern California town.

Aspen, Colorado

Glamour and elegance attract visitors to the picture-perfect ski town of Aspen. Autumn is the time to catch the area at its most beautiful, as the changing aspen leaves saturate the hillsides with gold, rusty orange and crimson. Exciting events highlight this season, and we tell you all about them as we help you plan your trip.

Eureka, California

The best part of landing on the Samoa Peninsula is undoubtedly the warm greeting from fellow pilots Shauna and Donald Burrows. Their Samoa Airport B&B also makes a great base for exploring the historic and beautiful Eureka area. We give you additional lodging options and information on dining and transportation.

Tehachapi, California

Tehachapi lies on a natural flyway for circumnavigating the imposing barrier of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The Fall harvest is an excellent time to stop in for a meal at the Apple Shed. Pick your own apples, walk the historic downtown, or experience powerless flight at the glider port. No matter which activities you choose, you're sure to enjoy this friendly valley.

Mendocino, California

Perched on a cliff above the blue-green Pacific of Northern California, Mendocino looks like a fairytale town from the air. This California dream becomes a reality as you descend to Victorian mansions, wineries, redwood forests, and gardens -- key elements of a romantic weekend. The Broadway romance Same Time Next Year was written and filmed here, and little wonder, as you too may make Mendocino your annual retreat.

Copalis State Beach, Washington

Beach your craft, jump barefoot onto the damp sand, and wade through the surf. No, you're not on a boat, you're piloting your plane and landing on the only beach airport we know of in the United States. Editor-in-Chief John T. Kounis shares his advice for finding the right stretch of beach (even if your GPS misleads you) and other ways to avoid the potential problems of a runway with low and high tides.

How to Lighten Up

When the mercury rises, you know your plane isn't going to perform like it used to. Once again, Commercial Pilot and CFII Amy Hoover offers her expertise to help Pilot Getaways readers anticipate and deal with changes in density altitude.