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Spring 1999

Make 1999 Your Year for Adventure!

Don't miss the opportunities your aircraft gives you to see new places. Below are descriptions of the articles you'll enjoy as a subscriber to Pilot Getaways. Each destination is fully covered, including details of flying there, where to stay, where to eat, activities, transportation, and the history of the area.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Nothing quite compares to flightseeing over the Grand Canyon. In your plane, you can take in this spectacular journey at your own pace. Follow the Colorado River along its 277-mile path as it forms the Grand Canyon, Marble Canyon, and beautiful side canyons, such as Havasupai, named by the Indians for blue-green water. Pilot Getaways cover article gives you all the information you need to take in one of the wonders of the world.

Gallup, New Mexico

For many, Route 66 is merely a legend of old movies. Travel to New Mexico, however, and you'll find the old path still lives, and is surrounded by a landscape well worth exploring. We've posted an online version of our Gallup article to give you a preview of the information in Pilot Getaways Spring Issue. Click here to go to Gallup article.

Laughlin, Nevada

Tall buildings appear from nowhere on a desert bank of the Colorado river, signaling your approach to Laughlin. Whether you spend your time indoors at the casinos or eateries, or outdoors on the river or golf course, Laughlin accommodates you. Pilot Getaways presents you a range of dining, lodging and entertainment options to meet a range of budget requirements.

Anza-Borrego, California

The friendly little town of Borrego Springs is one of Southern California's best-kept secrets. It is also home to the largest State Park in the contiguous U.S., 600,000 acres of mountains, desert, and oasis canyons. The Anza-Borrego State Park Sky Trail, authored by pilot Jon Meunch, is a guided tour of the park and surrounding areas from the air. Our article tells you where to stay and what to do, and ensures you don't miss the explosion of wildflowers on the desert floor this Spring.

Baja California, Mexico

Mexico's 680-nm Baja Peninsula is an ideal destination for whale watching and enjoying the warmth of Mexican hospitality and climate. Pilots will also find this scenic area convenient to visit by plane, as most of the stops in our article are no more than 100 yards from the tiedown area. Don't worry about crossing the border to another country, we provide you all the details of Planning Your Mexican Vacation. After a visit there, it's likely you'll add Baja to your list of top places to visit.

Santa Barbara, California

Escape the chaos of day-to-day life with a meal at the The Elephant Bar, conveniently located directly east of the threshold of Santa Barbara's Runway 15L. Pilot Getaways will also tip you off as to why this airport is popular with flight instructors.

St. Helena, California

It's hard not to have a romantic weekend in the Napa Valley. Vibrant hot-air balloons contrast against the blue sky, flowers dot the landscape, and rows of grapevines line the rolling California hills. The town of St. Helena is the heart of a gourmet's paradise, with top restaurants and arguably the best cooking school on the West Coast. Napa isn't known for its low-cost accommodations, but we've given you tips for finding better rates at the resorts and information on great camping for those who truly want to get close to this "Valley of Plenty."

Bar Ten Ranch, Arizona

A memorable addition to any trip to the Grand Canyon is a stopover at the remote Bar Ten Ranch, where you'll be treated to good ol' fashioned cowboy hospitality. Sleep in a bunk bed at the main lodge, or in pioneer style in one of twelve covered wagons. Hearty country meals and access to Canyon activities like river rafting, hiking and guided tours make for a Western escape you won't soon forget.

Planning for a Safe Takeoff

"Don't trust your airplane," is the message of this issue's Safety feature. Tips on how to anticipate engine failure and what to do about it are essential to keeping even the most experienced pilots prepared for emergencies.