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Kellee-Set-Go![es] to Curacao

For my moonlighting job, I often get to go on amazing trips all around the world. Recently, I was sent to Curacao—a small Dutch island in the Caribbean just off the coast of Venezuela—by the Tourism Board to make a travel video highlighting adventures on the Island.

September/October 2014

Over much of the U.S., autumn can provide the best flying of the year. Along with falling temperatures and better engine performance come fewer thunderstorms, less wind, and less turbulence. So make the most of fall while it lasts! We’ve got some great destinations for fall flying. Each offers a completely different experience, so there’s something for everyone.

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July/August 2014

The dog days of summer are fast approaching. Are you feeling the heat and need a place to cool off? We have a quick cool side trip for your Oshkosh adventure as well as a cool Northeastern coastal escape. For backcountry lovers, this issue features Idaho’s most popular fly-in breakfast and lodge airstrip. Summer also means rodeo, and we’ll take you to a unique, authentic Western rodeo that comes with a full week of partying, gambling, and parades, all set in a small town filled with history and an absolutely dazzling Western store. Finally, we will show you how you can let your loved ones know you are okay when you are out flying, as well as let Search & Rescue know exactly where you are if you have to make an emergency landing. This information that could save your life!

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May/June 2014

After a long, cold winter, the warming temperatures are a welcome relief. This issue has some exciting escapes for pilots looking for places to spread their wings. One big bucket-list item for many aviators is to fly in Alaska, and this issue brings you details on flying in our amazing 49th state. Another undeveloped place to fly in the Lower 48 is in the Northwoods of Maine to a private resort with seaplane and land access. For an active vacation you can head to Eugene, Ore., nicknamed “Tracktown USA,” or party in “Brew Town” on the shores of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, Wis.

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March/April 2014

The advent of spring means the start of the flying season isn’t far behind. This issue has stories from the Northwest, Southwest, Texas, and Florida, close to the annual Sun ’n Fun fly-in. Find out why Idaho’s Treasure Valley deserves its nickname, relive American history at the Alamo, see what’s new at the incomparable Gateway Canyons Resort, and visit America’s Seaplane City.

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Sep/Oct 2016

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