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Reader Poll - October 2013

Redbird Skyport, a multi-faceted general aviation services facility, flight school, and aviation laboratory at San Marcos Municipal Airport has teamed up with big names in the aviation business world to offer 100LL at the breathtakingly low price of $1 per gallon through October 15, particularly during AOPA Summit. Jeff Van West, Director of Redbird Media, says the goal is to determine how big a role fuel price plays in flying activity, and, if fuel price isn’t the barrier, what it is.

Data is being collected on all pilots who fuel at San Marcos. The fuel offer is open to any piston aircraft that can fly in and out, so long as the pilot participates in the study about how flying choices are made. Pilot Getaways is supporting Redbird Skyport's data collection by reproducing any relevant questions from their pilot survey about flying choices, and soliciting the opinion of our online community in this month's Reader Poll, below.