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Winter 2002/2003

Have Fun at Some Great Destinations this Winter!

Winter weather is no excuse to hangar your airplane. Pilot Getaways reminds you how much fun flying can be when you're either escaping to warm weather, or heading for the snow. Carve turns on the world-class slopes of Vail, or catch waves in Hawaii. Have a blast at the “happiest place on earth” at Disney World in Florida, or enjoy the warmth of the holidays in Tennessee. Simply enjoy a coffee at a Seattle cafe, or take a really wild ride -- on a mechanical bull in Texas. So bundle up the family, a special friend, or even your best four-legged pal, and take to the skies for Pilot Getaways’ top winter adventures!

Seattle, Washington

Even before you touch down in Seattle, you’ll see contrasts that make this city an adventure for any visitor. Dense forests compete with dense urban areas, fruit orchards mingle with office parks, and there’s water, water everywhere. On the ground there are enough activities to keep you busy for a month. Luckily, author Michael Coyle distills the city’s attractions into top recommendations for a shorter trip, including his choice for the best cup of latte… in a city where that’s saying something.

Orlando, Florida

You’d be hard pressed indeed to find anyone in the U.S. who hasn’t heard of Disney or Mickey Mouse. Take in the magic of these cultural icons with a trip to Orlando, where the Walt Disney World Resort sprawls over than 47 square miles. There’s more than just theme parks here. We’ll give you all the details you need to fly-in for award-winning golf courses, international cuisine, and great shopping opportunities.

Vail, Colorado

As America’s largest ski destination, Vail clocks in at 5,000 acres with nearly 200 ski trails and more than 30 lifts. If the statistics alone don’t impress you, the thought of carving turns in fresh snow, skiing wooded trails, and enjoying fabulous cuisine might pique your interest. Vail ranks among the most popular ski resorts in the world, and the amenities there reflect it. A flight across the Rockies to Vail could be just the lift you need this winter.

Fort Worth, Texas

It’s not unusual in Fort Worth to combine a day of gazing at Monets with a night of two-steppin’ at Billy Bob’s. This mix of cultural refinement with the rowdy spirit of “Cowtown” is precisely what makes this Texas city so appealing. We guide you to highlights of the city like the Stockyards, Billy Bob’s, rodeos, and world-class fine art museums, along with aviation-specific activities like the Vintage Flying Museum. Fort Worth is the place for a relaxing vacation in a thriving city that still lives and breathes Wild West traditions.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

The holidays are bright in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge thanks to a three-month celebration known as Winterfest. Carolers in the streets, a crispness to the air, and millions of tiny lights transform an already beautiful region into a wonderland. A wonderful aquarium nearby, lively calendar of events, amusement parks, and access to big-name entertainment are just a few reasons author Pam McReynolds suggests you fly here for winter fun.

Hawaii - Air Touring in the Aloha State

Few visitors see the most spectacular scenery the Hawaiian Islands have to offer. That’s due to near-vertical cliffs and forbidding geography that restrict most human access. Peter Forman’s tips for aerial touring, however, will show you how exotic Hawaii can easily be viewed from a light plane. Volcanoes, jungle valleys, and 3,000-ft. sea cliffs are only a few natural wonders of this adventure getaway. It’s a journey well worth the advance preparation needed, and Pilot Getaways fills you in on Hawaii’s unique aeronautical customs.

Temecula, California

High above the valley or down among the vineyards, Temecula inspires romance at every turn. Escape here with someone special to bask in the winter sun. Enjoy the area’s fine dining, play the links, ride in a horse-drawn carriage through Old Town, snuggle into a B&B, or sip Merlot as you float in a hot air balloon. Temecula is our featured winter romantic hotspot for a weekend of serenity and picture-perfect surroundings.

Driggs, Idaho

The Warbirds Café lets you savor the best that airport dining has to offer: great food, panoramic views of the Grand Teton mountains, and easy-going flying in some of the prettiest scenery in our country. The warbirds collection here is the quintessential icing on the cake. Our article by Greg Illes will convince you that this restaurant is one to add to your list of fly-in favorites.

Y.O. Ranch, Texas

The Y.O. Ranch is an enduring Texas icon, where legends are preserved along with some of the world’s most splendid wild animals. The ranch’s private 2,110-ft. gravel airstrip provides an extra draw for pilots, allowing them to get away to the bush country within minutes of Kerrville, Austin, and San Antonio. Hunting trips, safaris, longhorn trail drives, and horseback riding are just a few of the attractions at the ranch. Stay in rustic cottages or cabins to complete the authenticity of your Texan bush adventure.

Cross-Country Communications - Staying in contact in the Wide Open Spaces

Consistent radio contact can be an issue for the VFR pilot. In these days of increased security, current information and maintaining communications en route is more important than ever. Author Greg Illes shares excellent tips for making the difference between successful radio communication and irritating silence.