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Summer 2004

Summer is the ideal time to pack up the kids and head out on a family adventure. In this issue, we bring readers fun-filled adventures that are as thrilling to fly to as they are to explore on the ground. Toronto offers one of the last remaining downtown waterfront airports, with an approach that brings you zooming past office buildings and sailboats until you touch down on an island. Soaring through Palo Duro Canyon allows impressive vistas without the complications of flight corridors and other restrictions. We guarantee these summer vacation destinations will provide you with lasting memories.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Flying to Toronto City Centre Airport offers pilots the unique opportunity to land at a downtown waterfront airport. Imagine flying parallel to the lakeshore, glancing out at balconies and into office windows seemingly whizzing past your wingtip. Your dynamic approach into the city is only the beginning of a remarkable getaway. Named for the Huron Indian word for “meeting place,” Toronto is a fascinating city of diverse cultures and activities. We will tell you where to go to explore its rich cultural neighborhoods, its world-class museums, and its top-ranked restaurants. When you touch down in Toronto, you touch down on a microcosm of the world.

Palo Duro Canyon, Texas

Within the Texas Panhandle is the spectacular Palo Duro Canyon, the second longest canyon in North America. Since the Native Americans roamed these plains, the canyon has served as a desert oasis, filled with wildlife and outdoor adventure. Families will find a wealth of activities within its depths, from backpacking and trail rides, to the musical extravaganza, Texas Legacies. Saddle up to a working cattle ranch for a campfire cowboy meal, and then head to your cabin on the canyon rim. Summer nights are lively and fun deep in the Palo Duro Canyon.

Ephraim, Wisconsin

Visitors to Oshkosh who make a detour to Ephraim have a treat in store for them: the authentic Door County Fish Boil. Part spectacle, part culinary masterpiece, this traditional dining experience will certainly leave an impression. And so will the rest of this small town on Wisconsin’s Door County Peninsula. Bordered by Green Bay and Lake Michigan, it is home to numerous water-based activities, acres of biking and hiking trails, and various artistic offerings. Summer, when the weather is nice and the theater season is in full swing, is the perfect time to take in Ephraim’s visual and visceral treats.

Portland, Oregon

Portland has all the character of a small town with the culture of a big city. Its friendly, easy-going atmosphere immediately makes visitors feel welcome. In no time you’ll be navigating its extensive public transportation system like a native, exploring its numerous parks and gardens, perusing the Pearl District galleries, and heading out on a tour of local breweries. Pilot Getaways has all the tips you’ll need to make your trip to one of the Pacific Northwest’s most vibrant cities memorable.

Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara is surrounded on one side by mountains and the other by water, creating a romantic enclave of beige adobes and lush vegetation that feels truly isolated from the rest of civilization. Couples flying in to Santa Barbara Airport will find the city extremely simple to navigate: its beaches, historical offerings, and impressive selection of first-class dining and accommodations are all accessible on foot or by public transportation. Allow yourself to live richly in this Southern California beachside retreat.

Ocala, Florida

For fans of horseracing, Ocala is well known as the birthplace of the last Triple Crown Winner, Affirmed, which won the title in 1978. More recently, it has been developing a reputation among pilots, too—thanks to Curt and Samantha Hoffman’s Tailwinds Café. The couple serves up tasty American standards in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Fly in to this popular diner in the heart of horse country.

Marble, Colorado

Deep in the Colorado Rockies, Marble airstrip is one of the few remaining high country airstrips open to the public. The exhilaration pilots feel after safely navigating their way into this canyon airstrip is heightened only by the knowledge that a quirky mountain town awaits two miles upstream. Bordering the turf runway is a clear mountain stream, while nearby trout ponds beckon you to drop a line. Relaxation tops the chart of things to do in Marble. Take a guided tour of the local marble mining operations, or just sit back and enjoy nature at your campsite on the strip. Whatever you choose, you can bet on having a “Marble-ous Day!”

GlaStar's Sportsman – 2+2 Equals Fun

Our backcountry editor and Northern Pilot's founder/editor, Peter M. Diemer, reviews the new GlaStar Sportsman 2+2. He finds that the airplane offers a combination of payload, performance, and exceptional flying qualities that is unmatched by certified or experimental airplanes in its class.

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Amy Hoover continues our exploration of canyon flying, addressing how different winds interact with each other, and where and when to expect turbulence. She takes a close look at, and suggests techniques for, handling four different types of wind effects that pilots might be confronted with in a canyon: Diurnal Effects, Convergence Effects, Venturi Effects, and Turbulence.