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Summer 2002

Enjoy the Outdoors This Summer!

It’s summer -- time to give in to that urge to be outside enjoying the weather, the outdoors, and new places and faces. This issue of Pilot Getaways brings you many destinations that easily fulfill those urges. Fly the entire family to an airport situated right next to an amusement park. Conquer your trepidation by taking a mountain flying seminar and heading for that wilderness airstrip. Or, go urban and tour cities full of history and fun. From the coast of California across Montana to Florida and points in between, this issue gives you far-ranging options for quick weekends away or truly relaxing cross-country vacations.

Seeley Lake, Montana

Set next to a 1.5-million-acre wilderness area, Seeley Lake is home to a friendly airport with a lot of support from local pilots. It’s an idyllic setting for outdoor activities, ranging from horseback riding to canoeing to deep wilderness pack adventures. In August, the Annual Staggerwing Fly-In draws pilots from near and far to admire the brightly colored planes and take in a pancake breakfast. Author and editor-in-chief John Kounis brings you the finer points of Seeley Lake, right down to where to get the huckleberry ice cream.

Monterey, California

The Monterey Peninsula is beautiful to behold from any angle, whether flightseeing, scuba diving, beach walking, souvenir shopping, or golfing on one of its 18 nearby courses. Its signature Cannery Row, immortalized by John Steinbeck, was once home to some of the world’s largest fishing industries. Today the Row is a vibrant street of warehouses transformed into shops and restaurants. Visit Monterey Bay Aquarium for a peek into a shimmering undersea kelp forest, or stroll the area’s art museums and eateries. Author Michael Coyle offers his suggestions for enjoying the endless diversions you’ll find in Monterey.

St. Augustine, Florida

Standing guard over the city of St. Augustine is a remarkable Spanish fort that has endured for centuries despite sieges and wars. History lives and breathes in this southeastern Florida locale, as visitors sip English tea beneath live oaks draped in Spanish moss. Modern additions to St. Augustine include the World Golf Village and World Golf Hall of Fame. Our article provides the historical lore of the area while helping you soak in current day sights and sounds in the oldest European city in America.

Silverwood Theme Park, Idaho

When you need great ideas for a vacation with the kids, who better to ask than one of the experts? Aimee Furrie, Pilot Getaways’ youngest author recommends a family trip to Silverwood Theme Park. She gives you the inside track on the ups, downs and adventure awaiting family members of every age. The chance to catch the occasional airshow only heightens the appeal for this 11-year old co-pilot.

Payson, Arizona

Payson lies in the midst of some of the most interesting topography in the Southwest. Twelve miles north is the Mogollon Rim, a 1,500-foot towering precipice in the mountainous high desert. The Rim is well worth both aerial flightseeing and a visit on foot. The town of Payson is intimate enough to impart a small-town hospitality, yet big enough to offer modern amenities and loads of places to explore.

Mesa Verde, Colorado

A sense of solitude and silence permeate a visit to Mesa Verde National Park. It was here in the late 1800’s that a pair of ranchers, the Wetherill brothers, happened upon an ancient city, 600 feet up into cliff walls. Mystery still shrouds the lives and fate of the Anasazi people who once inhabited these cliff dwellings. We’ll share why a trip to this area can be such an educational and awe-inspiring experience, one likely to call you back time and time again.

Asheville, North Carolina

The Blue Ridge Mountains with their rocky promontories, deep canyons, and waterfalls set the scene for your flight approach into Asheville. On the ground, you’ll be welcomed in warm Southern style to a city where the simplicity of mountain craftspeople coexists with the opulence of the Vanderbilt fortune. Tour the Biltmore Estate, the nation’s largest private home with 250 rooms, 65 fireplaces, and 43 bathrooms. Or, walk through Asheville’s downtown to experience an eclectic mix of arts, architecture and history. This North Carolina city will engage you with its liveliness and contrasts.

Marietta, Oklahoma

For catfish fans, life doesn’t get better than McGehee Catfish Restaurant. Out in the middle of nowhere, this family operated restaurant makes you feel like family. Come prepared with a big appetite and a relaxed attitude. Work your way through a few platters of catfish, chat with the locals, stroll by the river to help your food digest. It’s the rural south at its best, steeped in tradition and hospitality.

Johnson Creek, Idaho

Author Greg Illes finally succumbs to the urge to land on a grass airstrip in the backcountry, and takes us along for the ride. Johnson Creek is a good step for those braving a first backcountry expedition. The runway is wide and long, and can accommodate most general aviation aircraft. Once there, a unique array of activities await, including a hike to a hot-springs-fed bathtub perched on a mountainside. Even better than the fresh air, scenery, and free lodging (your tent) is the camaraderie you’ll enjoy as a pilot visiting Johnson Creek in the summertime.

Uphill/Downhill Operations - The Effects of Wind and Slope

How do you calculate the effects of operating from a runway with a slope when there’s wind? Author Amy Hoover shares her knowledge of calculating runway gradients and determining the effects of headwinds and tailwinds on takeoffs and landings.