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July/August 2007

Sizzling Summer Getaways!

Summer’s sizzling and your plane is waiting, so check out the July/August issue of Pilot Getaways for instant fun trips! Visit the “other” side of the Grand Tetons, or land next to a tiny railway town at a green grass strip in the Cascades. See a historic fort and do some major-league star gazing in Texas. Or frolic in the waters of Key West, the Chesapeake Bay, or Wisconsin’s Sturgeon Bay. All this and much more!

Skykomish, Washington

If you love flying over unspoiled mountain ranges to set your plane down on a green grass strip for a taste of nature, solitude, and perhaps some camping and fishing, Features Editor Crista Worthy has just the spot for you! Our Bush Flying destination, Skykomish has a beautiful grass strip located next to the tiny town of Skykomish, which also has a historic railroad depot. You can hike the Iron Goat Trail or catch a ride to Washington’s ultimate whitewater rafting river. Two inns and several restaurants are a short walk away, so you don’t have to camp if you don’t want to, but you can fish to your heart’s content on the adjacent Skykomish River.

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Come visit the “Cape Cod of the Midwest”! With Sturgeon Bay on one side, and Green Bay on the other, the Door County peninsula offers plenty of water fun including fishing, boat tours, and a Maritime Museum. You’ll find the best in midwestern hospitality when you visit local wineries, or pick your own fresh cherries from the many local orchards, and don’t forget the fabulous cherry pies! Author Amy Dodgen reveals the area’s best inns and resorts, from modern to antique-filled, with amenities from fitness areas to complimentary paddleboats and bicycles. And don’t miss the local fish boils, a true American spectacle.

Fort Davis, Texas

You can reach for the stars and immerse yourself in history on the same day in Fort Davis, Texas. Author Tamara Brown visited this historic fort, home of the “Buffalo Soldiers” and widely regarded as one of our finest restored Western cavalry posts. Located high in the Davis Mountains, the clear, dark night skies make this a perfect spot to build an observatory, which is exactly what the University of Texas did. At the McDonald Observatory, you can hike to 100-mile views by day, and attend a “Star Party,” to have dinner and look through a telescope yourself. Historic hotels, lodges, and a don’t-miss blockbuster restaurant complete the picture.

Driggs, Idaho

We’ve all seen the iconic photos of Wyoming’s staggeringly beautiful Grand Teton Mountains, rising above Jackson Hole. But what’s on the other side? Features Editor Crista Worthy takes you to the Teton’s lush western slopes. You’ll land in Driggs, Idaho, often named as one of America’s best places to live. Take this opportunity to fly a sailplane over some of the most spectacular landscape anywhere. Hike through flower-filled alpine meadows or treat yourself to some world-class trout fishing. To top it all off, you can stay in a fabulous luxury lodge with astounding mountain views, where all your gourmet meals, horseback riding, and other activities are included.

Key West, Florida

Once home to notorious pirates, then a haven for Ernest Hemingway, Key West, Florida, now plays host to lively nightclubs, posh resorts, and Victorian garden inns. Author Amy Dodgen reveals the best local fish stands, Cuban specialties, and even an oyster bar with weekly turtle races. Biplane and seaplane rides, deep-sea fishing, glass bottom boats, parasailing, and many more adventures await!

Put-in-Bay, Ohio

If you’re a fan of wild nightlife, but Key West is a bit too far away, Ohio’s Put-in-Bay will fill in just fine. Author Heather Sable discovered you don’t have to be a barfly to have fun here, though, because this Victorian-era inspired island packs a wide range of activities suitable for your whole family. Go-karts, water sports, museums, fishing, golf, antique cars, and winery and cave tours are all here. You can also kayak the bay near the lush, rugged shoreline. You can find a hotel in the center of downtown nightlife, a secluded inn, or enjoy camping in the State Park. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, including a traditional island barbeque, a large variety of seafood, and more.

Two-Niner Diner, Petaluma, California

North of San Francisco, not far from Napa Valley, the Two-Niner Diner is easy to find and delivers an excellent value serving good food with views of the runway. Author Michael Coyle reminisces about taking his brand-new plane to this lovely airport in the Petaluma Valley, and treating his then-fiancée to a hearty breakfast while enjoying the scenery. In addition to tasty breakfasts, you can get a great lunch or a freshly mixed milkshake anytime. You may just make it a regular pit stop.

Found Expedition E350

How would you like a rugged, short-field capable plane that can take three of your friends, plenty of baggage, and still fill the tanks? Not only that, but it’s a remarkably stable, easy plane to fly, cruises at 160 knots, has tricycle gear, and you can get it in any color! Editor-in-chief John T. Kounis put the Expedition E350 through all the paces, and he tells you why this new Canadian airplane is such a remarkable aircraft.

Some Reminders – Lessons Learned from Others’ Mistakes

Two recent mountain backcountry crashes reveal a wealth of lessons for all pilots. Any pilot who flies into backcountry strips should consider these lessons mandatory, but even pilots flying from city to city often fly over uninhabited areas. A thorough understanding of density altitude and your plane’s capabilities, the right type of safety harness, the correct place to keep your survival gear, and the proper way to let others know where you’re flying (in case you don’t return or arrive on time) are just some of the topics covered. Veteran backcountry pilot and author Michael Vivion shares information that may very well save your life one day.