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Fall 2003

See the Splendor of Autumn!

Autumn days bring a welcome cooling touch to outdoor activities and new flying adventures. Our Fall issue shows you the sights of Canada and Colorado in their annual blaze of color, and our Flying Tips helps you get across the border hassle-free. If you’re looking for water sports, relaxing by the beach, or catching some of the best fishing spots around, we have destinations for you in California, Oregon, Texas, and Alabama. Bush pilots can make the trek to one of the prettiest backcountry airstrips in Idaho, while runaways head for a private strip in Colorado. Enjoy your flying this Fall!

Deerhurst Resort, Canada

If you get as far as Toronto, you’re only a short distance from Deerhurst Resort, a wonderful place to spend a getaway with a special friend or relative. Autumn in southern Ontario brings perfect days of blue, cloudless skies and a show of glorious color in the aspens, tamaracks, and red oaks. Deerhurst is a private strip that requires advance permission to land, but once there fine food and plenty of activities await. Look closely, you might even spot a moose.

Cedar Mills, Texas

Just north of Dallas, a short flight brings you to Lake Texoma, a winding reservoir along the Texas-Oklahoma border. Here you can touch down at Cedar Mills Resort & Marina, a welcoming, aviation-friendly spot for enjoying the lake. The entire resort is accessible on foot, and well suited to family vacations.

Lakeport, California

Clear Lake stretches across the northern California coastal mountain range, filling a basin formed by a unusual combination of volcanic and geologic activity. Three miles from the town of Lakeport is Lampson Field Airport, and the lake itself is ideal for seaplanes. Lakeport is the place to kick back, enjoy the water, and check out activities like worm racing (in July), glider rides, and vineyard tours.

Joes, Colorado

In a tiny farming hamlet on Colorado’s eastern plains, Barb and Carl Comer have built a wonderful haven with great dining and activities like carriage rides, pheasant hunting, and golf. You won’t find the Runaway Inn’s runways on any aeronautical chart, so check out our article for the intricacies of getting there. This is a fabulous destination for first-class service, genuine smiles, big plates, and wonderful memories.

Manzanita, Oregon

Dig your toes into the sand on the Oregon coast at Manzanita. If you’ve been wanting to camp under your wing, do a little crabbing or clamming, and fly a kite along the beach, this is the place. If there isn’t room for your tent, never fear, author Amy Hoover suggests a number of accommodations including cabins, inns, and guest houses, many with ocean views. You may find yourself making regular visits to this magical beach and bay guarded by the spirit of Neahkahnie Mountain.

Telluride, Colorado

What was once the “wildest and most inaccessible” region of Colorado is now a skiing and shopping mecca perfect for an exciting escape this fall. Telluride Airport is perched on a 9,000-ft plateau overlooking the town, which lies deep in a mountain valley. In Fall the summer crowds have abated, and the winter skiers have not yet arrived, so you can explore the eclectic shops and restaurants, take to the hiking trails or golf courses, or soak in indulgence at a spa. Telluride is beautiful any time of year, but in autumn you’ll find pure Rocky Mountain gold.

Dauphin Island, Alabama

Along the Gulf Coast and 30 miles south of Alabama, Dauphin Island is quiet sanctuary. Literally, it is home to an Audubon Bird Sanctuary with excellent opportunities for bird watching. It is also a place where visitors can slow down and enjoy a restful pace and fresh seafood. If the runway sounds too much like landing on an aircraft carrier to you, our author has provided nearby landing and transportation options.

Santa Barbara, California

A scenic tour of the southern California coastline will only whet your appetite for a relaxing meal next to the surf. The Beachside Bar & Café is not actually at Santa Barbara airport, but it is worth the pleasant, 15-minute walk. Try a Chowder Boat, creamy soup in a sourdough bowl, or one of many choices from the fusion menu of California, Mexican, and Oriental dishes. End your meal with a monstrous sundae of locally-made ice cream. Don’t worry – you can walk it off on the beach at the restaurant’s doorstep.

Wilson Bar, Idaho

The reality of arriving at a blind-approach, river canyon airstrip like Wilson Bar can certainly get your adrenaline going, but with proper preparation, it can be done. Wilson Bar is a gorgeous backcountry strip, saved and restored by the efforts of pilots who love flying here. The only running water is the Salmon River, and you’re not likely to find a hot meal awaiting you. You will, however, find a powerful, primitive beauty best appreciated by a long, relaxing visit.

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