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Fall 2001

Discover the Best Fall Escapes!

As the summer heat gives way to crisp evenings, it's time to explore a variety of adventures in our Fall 2001 destinations. Fly to a challenging airstrip in the wilderness or one high atop a mountain range. Some of the West's original pioneer towns await, where you can meet legendary characters in person or through the eyes of history. The amenities of modern civilization aren't far away either, with airports that carry you to resort towns and top-rated golf courses. A rich blend of culture and art of the southwest are also on the agenda, along with much, much more.

Siletz Bay, Oregon

Lucky beachcombers visiting the Oregon Coast this fall may come away with a real treasure: one of the 2,002 hand-blown glass floats that will be hidden by local artisans between October and May. Siletz Bay Airport serves the Lincoln City area, where the glass ball celebration takes place, among other activities like whale watching, fishing, and even kite-flying. Our Romantic Getaway for Fall, Siletz Bay is also the destination for those who wish to luxuriate in a resort town and spend time on the links.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Something magical in the light of Santa Fe has attracted a vibrant artistic community to this town on a New Mexico plateau. Here pueblo Indians continue their traditional lifestyle while a modern culture thrives. Exotic and beautiful, it is a place you should explore on foot, wandering the Farmers Market and galleries. Fall is the perfect time to avoid the crowds and enjoy the changing landscape.

Minden-Tahoe, Nevada

For travelers in early 20th century America, the Carson Valley was a sight for weary eyes. The wide, open valley was a haven for homesteaders and gold seekers, and it enabled them to push westward to Sacramento. Today's Minden-Tahoe greets visitors with a similar sense of hospitality. Visit Nevada's oldest town, Genoa, also home to Nevada's oldest bar. Soak in hot springs Mark Twain claimed cured his ailments and restored his spirit. You, like earlier travelers, may find it tough to leave.

Kernville, California

The water sports and outdoor activities of the Lake Isabella area are easily accessible from the tiny town of Kernville. With the Sierra-Nevada range as its scenic backdrop, Kernville packs a surprising number of entertainment and dining options into its two-block downtown. Author Greg Illes reveals the best camping, biking, rafting, golfing, and other adventures of this mountain outpost.

Addison, Texas

Contemporary and sophisticated, Addison is a place to enjoy a weekend of restaurants, entertainment, and civilized sightseeing. Jazz cafes and swanky shops are the order of business, with unique options like a tour of the Mary Kay museum. We'll get you around this suburb of Dallas in style, as author Tamara Brown helps you choose from the city's wide variety of lodgings, restaurants, and activities.

Leadville, Colorado

America's highest airport gives pilots an interesting incentive to visit: a certificate for landing at nearly 10,000 feet MSL. Once rewarded, however, you should plan to explore the town. Leadville offers a fascinating peek into the boom days of the silver rush, when the population here swelled to 30,000 residents in 1880 (it is a tenth of that today).

Sheridan, Wyoming

The Big Horn Mountains of northern Wyoming are a dramatic setting for historic Sheridan. One of the best saddle makers in the world still lives and works here, lending a modern flair to the town's cowboy heritage. Travel the Big Horn scenic byway for a picnic lunch or take in a vaudeville show at the Wyo Theater. We'll also point you to the best places for a hearty meal and the comforts of modern times.

Watsonville, California

You may have seen the Zuniga name on hot spicy, salsa sold in Northern California. Now it's time to discover the salsa's origin by flying in to a meal at Zuniga's Restaurant. Here, Mexican cuisine blends harmoniously with fare of the surrounding central coast... you'll find artichoke hearts on the menu among traditional Mexican ingredients. Breakfast is wildly popular here, along with the Memorial Day air show.

Half Moon Bar, Oregon

Intrepid pilots seeking a backcountry challenge this fall will find it in Jim Clark's article on Half Moon Bar. We'll help you find this uncharted airstrip in the Rogue River Wilderness that is accessible only by foot, boat, or airplane. Once at the lodge or settled into your tent, you can simply relax, or continue the adventure with whitewater rafting, hiking, fishing, or myriad other outdoor excursions.

Crosswind Operations - Keeping It Lined Up with the Runway

Operating in high winds puts the limitations of both an airplane and its pilot to the test. Mark Heiner is an FAA Safety Counselor and the chief test pilot for Aviat Aircraft, Inc. He offers his guidance to help you understand the meaning of the demonstrated crosswind speed of your airplane, as well as the proper procedures for taxiing, taking off, and landing with crosswinds.