You are herePilot Getaways Magazine is now available in a fully digital format!

Pilot Getaways Magazine is now available in a fully digital format!

By admin - Posted on 26 November 2013

So, what's the difference between Pilot Getaways iPad app, and Pilot Getaways digital magazine?


Pilot Getaways iPad App


Our iPad app is a free download available only through iTunes. The app comes with the current preview edition and you may purchase up to one-year subscriptions and full single issues from within the app. Though you may view your issues only on the Apple® iPad, anything downloaded to "MyLibrary" is available offline, without an internet connection. Click here to download the app and check out a free preview:

**Currently, we are updating our iPad edition and moving our inventory to a new platform. During the transition, all existing iPad subscribers qualify for a free digital subscription. Contact us for details!**



Pilot Getaways Digital Edition



Access the digital edition by logging into an online account where you can view your magazines on a web-reader with any Flash-enabled computer, or via HTML5 delivery on all capable mobile devices (no Flash needed). You may purchase single issues, as well as one, two, and three-year subscriptions at increasing discounts. Click here to check out the current sample issue and sign-up for a subscription:





Though both editions (iPad & Digital) are fully interactive and multimedia-loaded, each presents some features and behaviors in a slightly different way. Both the iPad app and the digital online version offer a free preview of the current edition for you to try out with no obligation. And, of course, our print subscription is always available. (If you want it all, check out our combo pricing!)

As always, each subscription comes with free access to the American Air Campers Association database, as well.

Browse any of the free previews and subscribe to your preferred option, today!